Reef Monitoring is a 501(c)3 non-profit research organization established in 2005. Headquarted in Clearwater, Florida, Reef Monitoring's main purpose is to organize a group of marine scientists and educators as a means of watching over our invaluable natural and artificial reef systems. 

These scientific studies will allow us to establish a baseline set of data in the event they are impacted by either a man-made or natural event in the future. 

All data collected will be made available to all parties, private or government. 

Reef Monitoring is also dedicated to provide educational programs, to care for and improve Florida's valuable reef and estuarine ecosystems, to advance sustainable communities, to help build institutional ability and to gain broad-based public support for on-going marine conservation, for habitat enhancement and for research and education programs. 

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We are continually conducting underwater visual surveys of fish and invertebrates as part of our outreach and ultimate mission to really get a grasp on the wealth of diversity on our local reefs.

You can help! Send us an email or visit our Facebook page for information on training course and where to rent sampling equipment for our surveys.

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We just received funding from Clearwater Marine Aquarium to conduct underwater visual censuses (UVCs) on our nearshore reefs to monitor fish populations as red tide creeps north. Read more on our blog!

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