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Winter's Reef Clean-Up

              *** POSTPONED ***


              Clearwater Harbor Marina

                  $10 per diver

                  (includes lunch and event


Winter's Reef Clean-Up

Reef Monitoring and Clearwater Marine Aquarium invite all divers and boat owners to participate in our famous reef cleanup on the Clearwater Artificial Reef, Saturday May 5th from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Boats can launch at the Seminole Boat Ramp and then tie up at the Clearwater Harbor Marina. Volunteers can come directly to the marina. The cleanup is open to all volunteer boat owners and certified divers that are interested in helping rid our reefs of dangerous debris. Boat owners will receive gas cards first-come-first-served based on registration so sign up today!

The purpose of these important reef cleanups is to remove debris that can be potentially life-threatening to marine animals. Items such as crab trap rope, fishing line, plastic bags, six-pack holders and other plastics can be mistaken for food or cause severe entanglement and/or death. Most of these plastic items will not decompose for hundreds of years and are an ongoing threat to the marine animals that seek sanctuary in our Artificial Reef system.

With the incredible support from divers so far, we have removed thousands of pounds of this material from our reefs.

How to Get Involved


Reef Monitoring needs all boat owners that can participate for the day to get involved! We always have many more divers willing to participate than we have boats. If you own a boat and can take a diver or two out for the day, please contact us! 


All divers are responsible for getting their own ride out to the reef. Reef Monitoring is not providing any spots on boats. 

Feel free to book a charter for the morning if they are willing to go to Clearwater Artificial Reef. 

Boat owners and divers are free to go out to the reef as early as they would like on Saturday morning. There will be marker buoys deployed showing locations of the reef. Feel free to dive on the marker buoys and clean that section of the reef. When you are finished your dive, please bring the marker buoy back with you. 

Boats will return to the Clearwater Harbor Marina with the garbage removed from the reef where we will weigh to determine the amount of pollution we have removed. Air cards and other potential goodies from local dive shops will be distributed to divers that have removed the most material. 

*** Boats must be back to the Clearwater Harbor Marina by 12:45pm **

Contact Us with any questions or if you need any additional information

Become a Sponsor

Our success in past events has been largely due to the support of our generous sponsors.

Reef Monitoring is grateful to accept any form of sponsorship or support, whether monetary or product. 

Be sure to support those that support the community!

Thank You to our Sponsors!

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